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About Us

One of the most common questions that people have for us is "How did you get started"? Well, Mike and Ronda are both Navy Veterans. Once they finished their enlistments, they both pursued professional careers and went back to college for a short time.







If you need logos, vinyl, signs, flyers, or anything like that, Mike will be happy to help you out! He's a busy guy, so make sure to give him plenty of lead time. 

If you're wondering who designs our funeral programs, wonder no more, it's Ronda. She doesn't only do funerals though, so she can help out with other things too.

If you are a DDP vet, you already know Ms. Mary. She's who you need to see if Ronda or Mike are slacking, she'll whip them into shape. She's also great at talking to grieving families.

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